Macadamia Meadows Orchard in Hawaii  

                 Muc nut husker-sheller                                                                            Macadamia nuts
                       Macadamia Nut Husker-sheller                                                                                                
Macadamia nuts kissed with
          We finally found  something that will crack our nuts.                                                            Hawaiian sun and nurtured in Volcanic soil
You may use this machine to crack almost any kind of nuts. The
        good news is that it will actually crack our Macadamias.                                                                                                                         

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Our orchard is located on a little over 8 acres of sun kissed volcanic soil on the Big Island of Hawaii. Guests from around the world enjoy staying in our Bed and Breakfast, surrounded by our bountiful Macadamia trees. Charlêné  [your hostess] incorporates a complimentary educational orchard tour into guest's stay. Discussed is everything from the history of Macadamia Nut farming in Hawaii, to day to day challenges of farming in the 21st Century. Guests enjoy picking a few nuts from the orchard floor during the tour and experiencing the intoxicating taste of a Macadamia fresh from the tree.

Macadamia nut blossom -tetraphylla

The story of our pink blossom tree

While walking in our orchard this spring with a guest, I came across the blossoms you see pictured here. I couldn't believe my eyes. All our Macadamia nut trees have "white" blossoms and here was a tree that clearly had pink flowers [ or as the flowers are more properly called "racenes"]. I had been walking by this tree for the last 7 years but never noticed the pink flowers.  Apparently I had coincidentally passed at a time when the flowers had already been pollinated.  After pollination it is much harder to discern their pink color. I knew pink blossomed trees existed, I had simply never personally seen one here on the Big Island.
Upon some investigation I discovered that a variety of Macadamias "Tetraphylla" were used some 30 yrs. ago as root stock here on the Big Island. The white blossomed variety of Macadamias "Integrifolia" were grafted into it. Our tree apparently rejected the graft and grew an entire tree from the root stock. [would you like to taste a nut from this tree? The taste and texture is slightly different from the "Integrifolia variety. The nut shell is also "dimpled" unlike the smooth shell of the white blossomed tree. We don't have a lot of these nuts. If you would like to sample some click on the "Place your Order" link below. We'll fill orders until we run out of nuts].  

guests with nuts they picked

If you can't visit us in person, then the next best thing is indulging in the taste delight of our Hawaiian grown  Macadamias. We're working hard to grow our nuts pesticide free.  Whether you want to send a gift, or simply enjoy nuts fresh from the farm yourself, click on the link below, and you'll have fresh Macadamias at your door in no time.    

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